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2022-2023 Playing Rules Book                             July 2022 Week 4


Last week, we discussed:

  • League finances
  • League funds
  • League account tools

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The week, we are covering:

  • 2022-2023 Playing Rules and Commonly Asked Questions
  • Review of league officer duties
  • Adult leagues which allow minors to participate
  • Youth leagues

If you are no longer a league officer, please forward Rules Extra to newly elected officers if you have their email address so they will be more knowledgeable in their new role.  


Please forward Rules Extra via email to your fellow officers and league members.


Hot Topics

The USBC Board has rescinded the changes made to USBC rules in 2019-2020 which were instituted in response to the COVID pandemic. Effective Aug. 1, 2022, the following rule changes will be in effect:


Rule 18 – Bowlers will no longer be allowed to use isopropyl alcohol to clean a bowling ball once competition has started.


Rules 113a and 113b – The use of two lanes immediately adjoining each other will again be required to be used for league competition.


Rules 320a and 320b - The use of two lanes immediately adjoining each other will again be required to be used for tournament competition.


League Resources2

2022-2023 Playing Rules and Commonly Asked Questions

The 2022-2023 USBC Rulebook now is posted and can be accessed here. The rulebook is available online and through the app. Added features this year include the addition of a Table of Contents, with direct links to rules, and the inclusion of links which will provide quick access to referenced rules and CAQ's.


League Officer Responsibilities

USBC has created guides for each of the officer and board of director positions a league would have. If you have been elected to be a league officer, or are a team captain, click on your position to review the guide for your position. Understanding the responsibilities of the office to which you have been elected is integral to being able to perform those duties correctly.


Why should our league certify with USBC?

Every season, this question is asked, so USBC has created this document to help promote the many benefits of certifying your league with USBC.


Adult leagues which allow minors to participate

Adult leagues allowing USBC youth members 18 or younger to participate must be certified as an adult/youth league, must comply with USBC Rule 400 and those 18 or older must complete U.S. Center for SafeSport training. All officers must be a Registered Volunteer (SafeSport trained and background screening through NCSI).


Youth Leagues

Promote your scholarship leagues. If you have unassigned funds in your SMART account, use them to promote bowling. Inform the parents/youth you are adding additional scholarship funds to the prize fund. Or, have the youth/parents help you promote your leagues. For example: Everyone receives prizes in the form of scholarships, and for each new bowler you bring in, you both receive scholarship funds. This is a great way to have others promote your leagues.


If you do not provide scholarships, get started by submitting this form to [email protected].


Don’t forget when certifying your league, include your SMART account number on the league application.



Busted, Plausible or Confirmed:


MYTH #4: The center's secretarial service includes all the league secretary's duties.


MYTH #54: League officers, including league managers, youth league supervisors and officials must have USBC membership.


Get the answers to these and other bowling myths.