RULES NEWSLETTER - July 27, 2017

Money Rules

As this is our last newsletter for July, we will cover league finances. Bonding insurance is a membership benefit your league receives by submitting the league certification application, membership application cards and payment of membership dues. See what you must know about Bonding.

If you missed any of the previous three newsletters, you missed information about league officer duties, contracts and meetings, and adopting league rules. Please contact [email protected] for copies and don’t forget to share with other officers and league members! 

This Week's Hot Topics

League Funds
Click here to learn what to do when it comes to league finances.

League account tools
Many banking institutions require an Employee Identification Number (EIN) to open an account for a league. An EIN can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). USBC has created a guide to assist you in obtaining an EIN

Using in center banking? Check out the In Center Banking Agreement.

For the Treasurer – Be sure to deposit league funds within seven (7) days.

For the President – Be sure to do the math necessary to determine what should be in the league account when verifying monthly. 

Don’t forget…next week starts the new season and on Thursday, Aug. 3, you will receive the season opener of Rules Extra! Thereafter, Rules Extra will be delivered to your inbox on the first Thursday of the month. 

Do your bowlers know… how to contact you as officers? Why not give each bowler a card with the officers’ contact information? 

Certified averages for tournaments – another membership benefit
League officers play an important role in assuring tournament managers have the right information. By submitting bowlers’ averages after a league concludes, you help tournament managers get a snapshot of each bowler and to see if the bowler has a consistent average, compared to past seasons. The certified average helps ensure bowlers are placed in proper divisions. Thanks for turning in averages at the end of each season!